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Making waves in the Southwest of England since 2020. Outdoor adventure is what we live and breathe for; whether it's exploring the coasts for empty waves, venturing through urban surroundings or discovering new trails in local woodland. 


Combining our passion for the outdoors, with quality clothing, is what inspired SRGE CO. Its been something that has been in the back of our minds for many years and the turmoil of a global pandemic is what gave us the kick start.


Quality, style and comfort is at the forefront of our brand. SRGE CO brings together both style and practicality. All of our collection have been inspired from the streetwear and skate scene. We are big advocates of looser fitted garments for style, comfort, freedom and movement.


It is our aim to progress and become more eco friendly and respect the environment that we love, the more we grow as a company. We feel if all companies can apply these ethics where possible, the greater impact it will have. 

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